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Saved us Thousands of Dollars

Saved us Thousands of Dollars

Garrison Law Firm has used Mark Pugh, owner of iServPro, as our IT contractor for more than ten years. Mark and his organization are a pleasure to work with and always supply us with innovative solutions that we would not have thought of, and that have improved our workflow greatly over the years.

We appreciate subscribing to iServPro’s monthly flat-rate fee, eliminating the ups and downs of I.T. costs, and adding peace of mind. I trust them with our I.T. and I know they make sure our technology is working toward our success. I also value the long-term relationship we have built. I get almost daily solicitations from other I.T. consultants; I am not even tempted to shop around because we are getting extremely reliable service from iServPro, and are being treated fairly.

There is no question iServPro has saved us thousands of dollars and given us the peace of mind of knowing all our data is backed-up and safe. iServPro has demonstrated a broad and deep knowledge of a variety of technological platforms helping us to choose what hardware, operating systems, and data storage mechanisms that best fit our business operations. We can vouch that iServPro is perfect for small and medium-sized business IT needs.

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Call them - you'll be glad you did.

In our line of business, everything – especially I.T. – has to work correctly. So, a quick response from our I.T. company is essential. I've been very pleased with iServPro's response time over the years. I give iServPro a score of “10 out of 10” on resolving problems swiftly and completely. Call them – you’ll be glad you did.

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We Trust Them

We Trust Them

As business owners, we can't be delayed with downtime, and we have to know our data is safe and properly backed-up. That's why we subscribe to iServPro's TotalCare coverage. This gives us peace of mind and protects our not only our client's information but our own as well. We appreciate how iServPro explains information technology in a “non-tech” way. We trust Mark Pugh, the owner, and appreciate his friendship and the fact that he is partnering with us toward the success of our business.

The Fuzion Group, LLC

They Help us Stay Current in I.T.

We have trusted iServPro with our I.T. needs for several years. We’ve experienced very little downtime, but if we do have an I.T. need, I know we will get prompt attention. We have a real trust in the company, which is hard to come by these days. We know they stay current in I.T. and appreciate the knowledge they pass on to us. I have recommended iServPro to many of my colleagues and I recommend you call them too!

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What is Downtime?

What is Downtime?

At the Garrison Law Firm, 'downtime' is a thing we just don't know about. We have confidence in knowing things are going to go like they're supposed to go -- work like they're supposed to work -- all the time.

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Garrison Law Firm

Efficient data backup and recovery at competitive prices

iServPro has provided us with efficient data backup and recovery at competitive prices. Doing so has allowed us to exceed our customers' expectations, maintain schedules, and reduce processing costs.

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I feel secure using iServPro for all my computer needs

I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am with the recent service I received from IServPro. A few months ago the hard drive on one of our main computers went out. Since we do not have an IT person on staff, I called iServPro and they came immediately to assess the problem.They recovered all of our data, replaced the hard drive and made sure I had temporary access to all my essential files while the computer was out for repairs.

I have since used iServPro for other PC problems such as cleaning up viruses on our network and making sure our system was secure. I highly recommend this company to any business and especially one that does not have an IT person on staff. In an ever-advancing technical computer world, I feel secure using iServPro for all my computer needs.

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