Office 365

Experience the new Office, powered by the cloud

Modern organizations are migrating to cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 to take their productivity, communication and collaboration to the next level. With Office 365, you can create, view, edit, share documents, and work on the same file with your colleagues in real time.

Benefits of Office 365 include:

  • Lower costs - Office 365 offers a monthly subscription package where you only pay per user
  • Mobility - Access all the familiar Office applications and enterprise-class email from anywhere, on any device
  • Better interaction - Connect and collaborate with your team and customers using Skype for Business
  • Scalability - Add or reduce storage capacity in line with your business needs

We’ve only scratched the surface. When you sign up for Office 365, all of these powerful features are available to your business:

  • User-friendly applications - including online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, OneNote, and many others
  • Abundant storage - 1 TB file storing and sharing, as well as 50 GB mailbox
  • Digital storytelling tools - to create interactive reports and presentations
  • Corporate social network - for better collaboration across departments and locations
  • Advanced communication tools - including IM, audio calling and web conferencing
  • Security solutions - keep your systems safe from known viruses and malware

Not only is Office 365 user-friendly and secure, but it offers 99% uptime and 24/7 support guarantee from Microsoft themselves! This means you can truly work more efficiently without having to worry about service disruptions or technical issues.

Sign up for Office 365 today!